Tuesday, November 8, 2011

Fish House Punch

This was for Lifestyle class. Our assignment was to choose a cocktail and make an illustration inspired by it. I chose the Fish House Punch, which has a little story behind its creation about a gentlemen's club called the Fish House which invited a bunch of ladies over for entertainment, and whipped up a batch of punch to make them more at ease and more likely to sleep with them, I guess. So here we have some sailor lads hanging out with some sexy fish ladies.


  1. love it, beautiful colours and composition

  2. Gorgeous.
    Is this traditional or digital?

  3. I love this. Seeing the assignments you do for class makes me wish I'd have gone to art school!

  4. the mood of this is incredible! the atmosphere is wonderful and strong!
    nice choice of subject for the assignment, you gave yourself a lot to work with -- I hope your crit went well, and they didn't try to make everyone "guess the drink" in your case.

    Oh man, I want to have a drink in that bar, but I'd need new clothes. But the foreground piano player - did you do him first? He seems a little different. hmmm, maybe he's sort of the blank where we put ourselves.

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